The ILE Exam Process:        
                                    The CHAPA registrar will register you for the ILE with The International Hearing Society (IHS).
                                    IHS will contact you via email to choose your location, date and time to write the exam. (online payment required)
                                    Your exam result will be sent directly to the CHAPA registrar.
                                    The registrar will advise you of a pass/ fail only. Percentage scores will not be provided.

In the event of a failing grade, you may attempt the ILE exam one more time by repeating the registration process. If the second attempt results in a fail, successful completion of remedial training ( currently the IHS course) will be required before attempting a third time. 

Once the ILE has been successfully completed, you may apply to take the Practical exam.

*Practical Exams are scheduled in one of two exam seasons.  Spring: March, April and May.   Fall: September, October and November. 
All Practical Exams take place in the CHAPA exam room at the CHAPA office. 105, 17707 - 105 Avenue in Edmonton.
All equipment and materials are provided. Please see study guide for details.

The Practical Exam Process: 
- Submit completed application and payment (cheque or bank draft)
                                    - You will be advised of your exam day and time with arrival instructions.
                                    - On arrival, you will provide government picture identification and sign in. 
                                    - You have two hours to complete the exam.
                                    - you will be notified within 10 days of your exam with your results. 
                                    - In the event of a failing mark, you may apply to retake the exam by repeating the application process. 
                                    - You may appeal a failing mark within 30 days of notification of failure. (Appeals)
                                    - Once you have successfully passed the Practical exam you become a Hearing Aid Practitioner (HAP)! 

As a Hearing Aid Practitioner (HAP), you are required to work under the indirect supervision of a mentor. Your mentor must be available, and capable of taking over at any given time during clinical interactions with clients. (your mentor may be in the office but not necessarily in the room with you).

Practical Exam Application
Map- CHAPA office location and parking. Please note* North Door is locked on Saturdays- Use the west door! 
Exam Room Set up 1 / 2
Marking Sheets
Study Guide
Exam Policy
Optional Audiogram Form
Word Recognition List
Optional Client History Form
Exam Equipment
        Interacoustics AD629 Audiometer Manual 
        Titan Middle ear analyzer Manual
Audioscan RM 500 (original series) 1/ 2 / 3


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