Retired, Cancelled or Suspended Members

Suspended,Canceled or Retired Members

These members are no longer affiliated with the College or they may be suspended until conditions/restrictions have been complied with.  The following is a list or reasons for suspension or cancellation of their membership. These names will remain on this site for a minimum of 2 years (Bill 21).  For more information, please contact the College.
  • No longer in the profession
  • Retired       
  • Extended leave of Absence
  • Non-payment of renewal fees/late fees
  • Moved to another Province
  • Transferred to another Province
  • Findings from a Complaint
  • Findings from a Hearing

Tara Bruce  S/I
Tim Goshulak BC-HIS
Clark Layden  BC-HIS
David Leishman  BC-HIS
Patricia Martin  BC-HIS
Patty Sokolan  BC-HIS
Rosa Zee  BC-HIS

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