List of Members

The following is a list of Regulated Hearing Aid Practitioner members in good standing with the College of Hearing Aid Practitioners of Alberta.  Practitioner office contact information can be obtained by contacting the Registrar of CHAPA by phone at 1-866-990-4327, or via e-mail at

Practitioners must display their practice permits in all offices where they are employed. The permit must be visible for the client to see.

S/I after the name indicates that this regulated member must comply with a direct supervision requirement. This means the Supervisor must be on-site/in the room with the Student/Intern for procedures requiring the placement of objects in the ear. This information is also indicated on the practice permit.

HAP after the name indicates that this regulated member has completed the CHAPA competency exams and must comply with an indirect supervision requirement. This means that the Supervisor does not necessarily need to be on-site but must be available to attend by phone or at the site to assist if required. This is indicated on the practice permit

BC-HIS after name indicates that this regulated member has completed the CHAPA competency exams and is also Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences by the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences.  There are no restrictions or requirements unless indicated by ** and may be indicated on the practice permit.

THAP - Practitioner that has transferred to Alberta from another Province. This regulated member does not have any restrictions or supervision requirements attached to their practice permit unless indicated by ** and may be indicated on the practice permit.

MSc. R.Aud - is an Audiologist who is regulated by our College in order to supervise a CHAPA member.

** after the credentials indicates that there are other restrictions/requirements attached to the Practitioners practice permit. Please contact the College for further information.

A  - G
Ian Alexander BC-HIS
Miranda Almond BC-HIS
​Katie Archie  S/I
​Daniela Arkangelo  BC-HIS
​Adriana Arroyave  S/I
​Kristal Attaway  BC-HIS
​Jim Bacon  S/I
Charla Bakkers  BC-HIS
Shirley Barr BC-HIS
​Rachelle Beck BC-HIS
Lacey Beierbach  BC-HIS
Kayla Belrose  BC-HIS
Crystal Bilodeau BC-HIS
​Amanda Blackwell  S/I
Teresa Blimkie BC-HIS
Casey Boitson BC-HIS
Jacob Boldt BC-HIS
Heather Bricker BC-HIS  
Jackie Brosius HAP
​            No restrictions
​Kiplin Brydon BC-HIS
Candace Bullock HAP
Kasson Bullock BC-HIS
Bryan Burr BC-HIS
​Jazmine Burwell BC-HIS
Lesa Butler BC-HIS **
​Heather Buttar  HAP
​Jaclyn Calkin HAP
Loraine Callahan BC-HIS
​Alyssa Caluttung  BC-HIS
Ian Campbell BC-HIS
Barbara Caseley BC-HIS
​Christina Cassidy BC-HIS
Tammy Caswell BC-HIS
Peter Chmielewski BC-HIS
Michael Chu BC-HIS
Andrew Clark-Marlow BC-HIS
​Lynsey Coghlan BC-HIS 
Adele Collingwood BC-HIS
Geraldine Coolidge BC-HIS
Donna  Copps BC-HIS
Caroline Cripps BC-HIS
Tiffany Daughton BC-HIS
Danielle De Roose BC-HIS
Cheryl Desouza BC-HIS
​Armando Di Lello BC-HIS
Deborah Dierickse BC-HIS
​Lang Do  BC-HIS
Tatiana Dobrousin BC-HIS
Candice Dokkebakken BC-HIS
Suzanne Douziech BC-HIS
Sandra Duncan BC-HIS
​Trisha Ehman  BC-HIS
Rachele Ehrman BC-HIS
​Anice Elliott  BC-HIS
​Candice Elliott-Boldt  BC-HIS
​Eunice Estrada S/I
​Vicky Fedoski BC-HIS
Elan Feldman BC-HIS
​Jennifer Flamand  BC-HIS
​Lauren Forcade  BC-HIS
​Lauren Ford HAP
​Katherine Fogues BC-HIS
​Kim Francis S/I
Marion Dawn Friend BC-HIS
Marianne Fritz BC-HIS
Chalene Gaberel BC-HIS
Stella Gabriele BC-HIS
Sherry Gajardo BC-HIS
Mark Ganden BC-HIS
Thomas Gartshore  BC-HIS
Lindsey Gelech S/I
Michael Golia BC-HIS
Tim Goshulak BC-HIS
H - Ma
Derek Halbig  BC-HIS
Allen Hale BC-HIS
Karen Halverson  BC-HIS
Judy Hammond  BC-HIS
Kimberly Hartwig  BC-HIS
Michelle Heuston BC-HIS
Glen Hole BC-HIS
​Barb Holler HAP
Alissa Horneland BC-HIS
Douglas Hoyer S/I
David (Nai Jung) Hsiao BC-HIS
Natalie Huska BC-HIS
Jamil Hussein BC-HIS
Jennifer Hutchingame BC-HIS
​Don Ike  S/I
Marisa Jackson  S/I
​Norman Jantz  BC-HIS
​Amanda Jenkins  S/I
​Kristin Johnson BC-HIS
Tannis Johnson BC-HIS
Mary Ann Juhasz BC-HIS
Patricia Kannwischer BC-HIS
John Kemmis  S/I
Sarah Keroack BC-HIS
Delilah Kha BC-HIS
Mohammad Khan  BC-HIS
Al Kirkham BC-HIS
Micheal Kirkham BC-HIS
Nikki Kirkham BC-HIS
Farrokh Kohbodi BC-HIS
Alicja Kononowicz BC-HIS
Kayla Kostiuk BC-HIS
Edie Kronewitt BC-HIS
Kody Kuzyk S/I
Joanne Lafond BC-HIS
Patty Larouche BC-HIS
Sandra Latell BC-HIS
​Jessica Lawrence BC-HIS
Judy Lewin  S/I
Byung Luke Lee BC-HIS
David Lee BC-HIS
Frank Lee BC-HIS
Margaret Lee BC-HIS
Agnieszka Lehmann BC-HIS
Andrew Leishman  BC-HIS
Brad Lindsay BC-HIS
Eleese Llewellyn HAP
​Lesley Lussier  MSc. R.Aud
Mary Ma BC-HIS
Arlene MacDonald BC-HIS
Whitney MacDonald BC-HIS
​Kelsey MacIntosh BC-HIS
​Amanda Mackaracher S/I
​Gabrielle MacLennan  BC-HIS
Linda Mah BC-HIS
Philip Mahe BC-HIS
Masuma Manji BC-HIS
MaryAnne Manolescu BC-HIS
Patricia Martin  BC-HIS
Mc - S
Gavin McConnell BC-HIS
Joseph McGillivray BC-HIS
Amanda McLeod  BC-HIS
Kristine McLellan  BC-HIS
Darlene McMann  BC-HIS
Tiffany Meier BC-HIS
Latia Melnyk  BC-HIS
​Karla Menjivar BC-HIS
Cyndi Millar THAP 
Claire Milligan BC-HIS
Yasmeen Moghrabi BC-HIS
Barbara Morrow BC-HIS
Patricia Morrow  THAP 
Antoni Naum BC-HIS
Greg Nedelec BC-HIS
Kevin Noble BC-HIS
Alina Olszak BC-HIS
Tonia Oppedisano  BC-HIS
Christina Ouellette BC-HIS
Jennifer Panteluk BC-HIS
Jan Parker  BC-HIS
​Pravakar Patra  BC-HIS
Kirk Pavlick  BC-HIS
​Jennifer Pelletier  S/I
Michael Peterson BC-HIS
Shawna Pettinger BC-HIS
Colleen  Phillips BC-HIS
Klinton Pilling BC-HIS
Bethiny Plante BC-HIS
​Shannon Polzin  S/I
​Kate Powell  S/I
Sara Preston BC-HIS
​Patrycja Purych BC-HIS
Jizhao Qiu BC-HIS
Kathleen Quast BC-HIS
Tennille Ramstead BC-HIS
Breianne Renyk BC-HIS
Gerry Rhodes  BC-HIS
Sabrina Rhodes BC-HIS
Travis  Rhodes BC-HIS
Erin Rhyason  BC-HIS
Karla Rissling BC-HIS
Cathy Robinson BC-HIS
Nadine Rogiers BC-HIS
Ceara Rolseth  BC-HIS
Armond Roy BC-HIS
Natalie Roy  BC-HIS
Karen Rushkewich BC-HIS
Kim Ryll BC-HIS
​Candace Sagal S/I
Nicole Saumer BC-HIS
Juliana Sauve BC-HIS
​Brooke Saxbee  S/I
Sc - Z
Tichael Schaeffler  BC-HIS
Ka\ren Scheffelmaier  BC-HIS
Eric Schenk  BC-HIS
Sheena Schipperheijn  BC-HIS
Nicole Schmidt  BC-HIS
Heather Schneider  BC-HIS
​Kathy Schnell  BC-HIS 
Jeremy Scott  BC-HIS
Rosana Scott  BC-HIS
​Brandon Semper THAP
Mary Serhan BC-HIS
​Carmelle Sevigny-Black BC-HIS
Katherine Sherwood  BC-HIS
Kimberly Shewchuk BC-HIS
Michael Shields BC-HIS
Gina Shiels BC-HIS
Denaye Sieben BC-HIS
Hareena Singh Chandhok BC-HIS
Deanne Smigel BC-HIS
​Jo-Anne Smith BC-HIS
​Tracy Smith  MSc. R.Aud
Patty Sokolan BC-HIS
Jennifer Spiller BC-HIS
Balbir Sra  S/I
​Prabhdeep Sran  S/I
Grazyna Stanczyk-Brzezinska BC-HIS
James Stanford S/I
Ronald Stanford BC-HIS
Rita  Stewart BC-HIS
Val Stroeder BC-HIS
​Paul Tait BC-HIS
Kristy Tarasoff BC-HIS
Laurel Taylor BC-HIS
​Dominique Teo  S/I
​Lisa Trach  BC-HIS
Lauren Turner HAP - No Restrictions
Violetta Turska BC-HIS
Samantha Twogood BC-HIS
Gladys Vale BC-HIS
​Alen Vartanian THAP
Justin Voigt  BC-HIS
Julia Vos BC-HIS
Cindy Wagontall BC-HIS
Celina Wai BC-HIS
Belinda Waites BC-HIS
Leanna Watson BC-HIS
​Melissa Weaver BC-HIS
Kari Weisgerber BC-HIS
Diana Wenz BC-HIS
Marc  Wiart BC-HIS
Nathan Wiebe BC-HIS
Brent Wildeman BC-HIS
Jonica Willett  BC-HIS
Maxine Williams-Herbert BC-HIS
​Glenda Winnicky  BC-HIS
Pam Wolfe BC-HIS
Kar Koir Wong BC-HIS
Desiree  Wu BC-HIS
​Lucy Xie  BC-HIS
Rosa Zee BC-HIS
​Marion Zeeman  MSc. R.Aud
Catherine Zieniewicz BC-HIS
​Alyssa Zimmerman  BC-HIS
Kimberly Zubot BC-HIS

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