Inactive and Non-Regulated Members

These members are non-regulated but still have an affiliation with the College. 


These members have chosen to change their status with the College to Inactive.  Inactive reasons can be: maternity leave, leave of absence from profession, medical leave or not employed in the field at this time.  Most will not have a practice permit and cannot see clients.

There will be some that will have a practice permit (Student/Interns) but as they are not employed in the field at this time, they are not on the active list.  Once employed or have returned to practice, they will be placed back on the active register.

The designation behind their name is what they were registered at the time when the status change was requested. 

Kimberly Aguilar     BC-HIS
Muhammad Akhtar  S/I                                                      
Ian Alexander     BC-HIS
Mohamed Alkadry  S/I      
Katie Archie    S/I
Jim Bacon S/I
Amanda Blackwell S/I
Tara Borle  S/I
Misty Bruinooge  S/I
Lesa Butler  BC-HIS  ** Please contact the College
Barb Caseley BC-HIS
Geraldine Coolidge    BC-HIS
Betty Duong    S/I
Anice Elliott    BC-HIS
Stella Gabriele    BC-HIS
Don Ike    S/I   BC-HIS

Kayla Kostiuk    BC-HIS
Eleese Llewellyn  BC-HIS    
Amanda Mackaracher    HAP
Jimmy Pham  S/I
Nguyen (Anna) Phan  S/I
Patrycja Purych    BC-HIS
Breianne Renyk  BC-HIS
Tessa Rolheisser S/I
Nicole Schmidt    BC-HIS
Balbir Sra    BC-HIS
Prabhdeep Sran  S/I
Kristy Tarasoff
Christopher Wolfe  S/I


These are members who were previous members and want to maintain contact with the College or they may be members from other jurisdictions who wish to have an affiliation with the College.  They are provided with a certificate of membership but do not have a permit to practice.

Andrea Croome
Tiffany Daughton
Deema Ikbarieh

Nabeela Sibanda 


The College of Hearing Aid Practitioners have 2 Public Members who have been appointed by the Government that sit on Council.

Gary Christopherson
Patricia Hull

Honorary Members

The College has 2 Honorary Members who have been cited for their numerous contributions to the College during their years in the profession.

Sydney Holberton
William Huk


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