Getting Started

How do I get started with Hearing Help?

There are many questions that you may have asked yourself regarding whether you have a problem hearing. Some questions are:
• Have you noticed people seem to mumble?
• Do you find yourself asking people to repeat what they have said?
• Do you find it difficult to hear in noisy places?
• Do people tell you that you talk to loud?
• Do others complain that you have the TV turned up too loud?
• Have you missed the ringing of the telephone?
• Do you sometimes hear words but you don’t understand them?

If you find yourself answering yes to some or all of the above questions, you are encouraged to have your hearing assessed. The first step is to getting started is to find a Hearing Aid Practitioner who can do a hearing assessment.

 A physician referral is not necessary to having a hearing test done by a Hearing Aid Practitioner.

You can also utilize this website to find a Hearing Aid Practitioner who can assist you.

Selecting a Practitioner

There are several factors to consider when looking to choose a Hearing Aid Practitioner.  Such factors may include the following:

1. Location.  Hearing Aid Practitioners may be located using the Yellow Pages.  If you are looking for an individual close to where you live, the Yellow Pages or telephone directories will be helpful to you.  Many Hearing Aid Practitioners also have internet websites.

2.  Referral.  A friend or relative may recommend the services of a Hearing Aid Practitioner that they have used in the past. To determine if that Practitioner is still in Practice you may use the List of Members tab.  If the member is still in practice you may contact the College of Hearing Aid Practitioners of Alberta to located that Practitioner.

3.  Finding a a Practitioner that one has seen previously.  If you have used the services of a Practitioner and are having difficulty in locating that individul, the College can assist you in locating him/her.

4.  Experience.  All members listed under the "List of Members" tab are regulated members of the College of Hearing Aid Practitioners of Alberta.  Each member has graduated from a recognized program of study and has successfully completed several examinations in order to demonstrate that they are qualifed to be registered as regulated members.

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