Welcome to our new Council Members as of February 5th, 2021

Teresa Blimkie - President

I have been a member of CHAPA since 1999, graduating from MacEwan June of 2000.  I have maintained membership with HIS and NBCHIS since becoming a member and am a member of CHIPS as well.  I took part in the initial set up of the Continuing competence program that the Alberta government support to ensure all Colleges had a CCP program in place.  In 2008 I became the first CCP chairperson helping to set the initial guidelines for the program.  In 2012 I was elected to the position of Vice President and served in this position until 2014 when I took over the position of President until the next election. 2015 I was elected President and served in this position for 3 years, then moving to past president for 1 year.  Currently I serve as the registration committee chair. I am a member of the symposium planning committee. I assist when called upon on the CCP committee.  During my membership with CHAPA I have witnessed a lot of positive growth and development, and look forward to being able to bring my previous years of experience on council back to the council table as we continue to grow and evolve as one of the most recognized Hearing Practitioner Colleges in Canada.  Thank you for your consideration in allowing me the privilege to serve as President of CHAPA for the upcoming 3 years.


Teresa Blimkie

Jonica Willett -  Councillor at large

Jonica is a passionate and dedicated clinician who graduated from Grant MacEwan in 2015. She was born and raised in Alberta, started her career in Lethbridge before moving to Yorkton Saskatchewan . She has recently moved back to Alberta after working in Saskatchewan for 4 years. While in Saskatchewan Jonica became the President of SHIPS, the SK CHIPS Director, as well worked with a team that organized the SK Hearing Conference for the last 4 years. Currently she is still working with the CHIPS board as the treasure, and transitioning out of the SHIPS President roll. Jonica loves helping clients hear better, and continuing to help the hearing industry grow. 

Katherine Sherwood - Councillor at Large

Firstly, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to become part of the council as a Councillor at Large. I am eager to offer my own distinct and unique set of skills to council. I have had the opportunity to work in both a large corporate clinic and small private clinics. While working in a private clinic I had the good fortune to purchase an established clinic of over 30 years in 2019. Being a clinician/owner in southern Alberta has provided a new set of skills and has given me the opportunity to see other sides of the hearing and health industry. Although newer to the industry I believe my fresh perspective will be an asset.

Thank you,
Katherine Sherwood RHAP 

Carmelle Sevigny-Black  -  Councillor at Large
I'm Carmelle Sevigny-Black, Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner, Board Certified in Hearing Sciences and in good standing with CHAPA.
I would like to put my name forward as Council-at-large.
I have been a member of our Association and College since 1996.
I have many years of being involved with CHAPA.  I have held several positions with CHAPA; Secretary, on Council, Education chair, Negotiation committee, Hearings Director, Complaints Director and have been co-chair of a Symposium Committee.
Through my many years of commitment with CHAPA I've become well knowledged in our Health Professions Act, Bylaws, Regulations, etc.
As a Council-at-large my main objective is to have a voice for the membership and to make a difference for our CHAPA.  I believe in order for this to occur, you must educate yourself, participate and express your views with respect and understanding.  As they say, "actions speak louder than words". 
I welcome the challenge of working hard for our council of CHAPA, because "it" matters to me and I know CHAPA matters to our membership. together WE can make a difference.
Hope to see you all very soon!

Stay well and healthy!

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