Complaint Requirements


The College of Hearing Aid Practitioners is the regulatory body for the profession of Hearing AidPractitioners in Alberta, and is responsible for dealing with complaints made against our regulated members and some former regulated members.

The Health Professions Act has a very well defined complaint resolution process and the Colleges Complaints Director is the individual who is responsible for dealing with complaints.

You may file a complaint against a practitioner through the College of Hearing Aid Practitioners of Alberta. All complaints must be submitted in writing with details of complaint to the Complaints Director.

CHAPA does not have jurisdiction to investigate concerns about business practices, financial matters, poor customer service, or the manners of the practitioner. These concerns should generally be referred to the owner/manager.

Before any action is taken by CHAPA, the complaint must be received by the Complaints Director in writing either as a written letter, fax, or e-mail (Health Professions Act , s. 59). CHAPA is unable to act on verbal complaints.

The written complaint is to include:

  • Complainants full name, mailing address, and telephone contact information
  • Complainants signature and date of written complaint
  • Name of the practitioner that the complaint is filed against
  • Business name, business address and phone number
  • Clear and concise details/summary of what happened, such as the date and time of the incident, the order of events, and the names of any witnesses
  • Any supporting documentation, as such copies of receipts and products in question
  • The name(s) of all Complainants must be disclosed unless there is strong evidence that their personal safety would be at risk. However, CHAPA is not able to act on any anonymous complaints because the practitioner must know who the Complainant is so that s/he can fully respond to the complaint.

Please send all complaints to:

Kristal Attaway - Complaints Director


College of Hearing Aid Practitioners of Alberta

#105, 17707 105 Avenue 

Edmonton, Alberta  T5S 1T1

Phone: 780-760-4327


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