The College of Hearing Aid Practitioners of Alberta was declared to have College Status by the Government of Alberta in April 2002.  Prior to its declaration as a College, the Hearing Aid Practitioner Profession in Alberta was governed by the Alberta Hearing Aid Practitioners Association.  (AHAPA).  A need was seen by the Council of the AHAPA to ensure that those individuals practicing as Hearing Aid Practitioners in Alberta were licensed and regulated in a capacity that would ensure a high level of educational background, proof of competency, and means for ensuring that there would be remedy against individuals who chose to practice outside of a regulatory body.  The safety of the public, it was felt, could best be protected if that regulatory body fell under the legislation of the Health Professions Act.  It was also felt by the AHAPA that regulation of its members under the HPA would bring an increased understanding and recognition of the Profession to the public.

Activities that The College engages in presently include but are not limited to:

1) Testing and assessment of human hearing, compilation of the testing data to determine type of loss and/or whether further medical investigation of hearing loss is required.  Explanation of the assessment to the client.
2) Prescribing and fitting/dispensing of hearing aids including ongoing service, adjustment and maintenance of the hearing aids dispensed
3) Recommendation of assistive listening devices.
4) Counseling and working with Hard of Hearing clients and family members to ensure that they may derive the best benefit possible from the amplification dispensed. Counseling may also include assistance in teaching clients alternative methods used to enhance communication and referral to sources such as Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services which may be of benefit to the client.

CHAPA'S Commitment

Helen Keller said "When we lose our sight, we lose touch with things. When we lose our hearing, we lose touch with people.
The members of our college are committed to finding better hearing solutions for the hard of hearing in Alberta. Hearing loss affects nearly every age group and nearly every aspect of the society in which we live. It is also the most preventable disability, with 33% of hearing loss caused by noise. 
The CHAPA website answers frequently asked questions about hearing and hearing loss, provides links to different websites where you can take self tests and learn more about how the ear works. Also you will find information of different styles and types of hearing devices and a list of practitioners in your area. 
Thank you for allowing CHAPA to help you make a more informed decision on your hearing.

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